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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of measuring and fine tuning a website to improve its natural (or “organic”) search engine ranking. Google ranks new websites according to an intricate set of rules – its “search engine algorithm”. Google’s algorithm is a well-kept secret, so the trickiest part of SEO is discovering what makes your site rank #1!

That’s where our SEO team comes in. Through constant research, content analysis, and exhaustive experiments, our specialists have learned the best techniques to improve your site’s organic Google placement and rank.

Why you need it

When people are looking for a new good or service, 97% of consumers will use a search engine to look for a local business. This means that having your business on the first page of Google delivers literally thousands of targeted consumers right to your doorstep.. However, beyond that, your results drastically decline – with only 4% of people clicking through to the second page. Beyond the second page, you may as well not exist.

Having your business on the first page of Google means Big Business, Big Sales and Big Results

Consumers that search for local businesses online
Click through traffic from the first page of Google
People who click to the second page of Google

Rocket Fuel for your Business

Ranking Surge

Watch as your business surges up the rankings to the front page and your exposure increases exponentially.

Business Boost

Once you’re on the front page, watch your business surge as hundreds of visitors pour onto your website daily.

On the Map

Success breeds success. Once you’re on the first page, watch as your start appearing as local recommendations on mobile devices.

Lead Generation

Coupled with our lead generation packages, watch as you start filling up your database and getting customers faster than ever before!

Search Engine Optimisation

100% White Hat

All of our websites follow Google’s standards and best-practices. Companies who practice “Black Hat SEO” may temporarily improve a site’s ranking, but the website eventually risks being penalized or banned from Google! We make sure that everything we do is strictly allowed and endorsed by Google, and highly effective – including 100% unique original content.

No Empty Promises

Don’t trust anyone who guarantees a #1 ranking! From Google’s support page: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.” Some companies use “Black Hat SEO” for a temporary boost, then try to lock you into a contract before your ranking slips back down (often permanently). What we promise is to give you the very best fighting chance to be on the front page of Google, and it just so happens that in the past, every one of our clients has achieved that. We also don’t hold our SEO customers to long term contracts – cause it motivates us to work harder for your business!

  • Since engaging with The Explosive Group, my profile and professional opportunities have skyrocketed, the added exposure and sleek design provided by Dylan and the team have paid off tenfold, professional through and through and not satisfied with anything less than the best service. Grade 'A' customer service!

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Good SEO isn’t Cheap, and Cheap SEO isn’t Good

High quality SEO isn’t cheap. It involves hundreds of man hours spent carefully crafting and putting together a powerful and natural online presence. It can involve changing or optimising your website, building dozens of websites, building social media profiles, generating online buzz for your website, building social interest in your business, finding people to vouch for your businesses authenticity and quality, writing dozens of unique articles, carefully monitoring your online results and making adjustments on a daily basis – just to name a few. Please bear in mind that we do not sell low quality services.

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Search Engine Optimisation is a highly personalised product, as so much depends on your industry, competitors, location, keywords and goals. In order to give you the best quote possible, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.