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Email and Hosting

Sick of using gmail or yahoo email addresses? Not very professional is it…Well luckily, we can set you up with a custom email address of your choosing – for example:


– all accessible from any computer or smart phone. Moreover, your website, when viewable online, is stored on a server (special hard drives connected to the internet). We provide hosting on our preferred hosting provider. Based on their SLA we endeavor to have 99.9% uptime on our servers measured annually.


If you have a large online following or social media presence, but aren’t currently earning (or are unsure how to earn) money from it, we can help. With an exhaustive knowledge on all possible avenues of online income at your disposal, we can work together to see you turn your profile into a income-generating business!




Digital Presence Management

Sometimes, you just have too much going on. You don’t have time to learn how to use social media, follow best online practices, build a loyal following and find and generate content every day. That’s why we offer an all-in-one management solution that handles your entire business’s online presence – from internet marketing, to social media management and tech support – we ensure you get the very best results.

  • Since engaging with The Explosive Group, my profile and professional opportunities have skyrocketed, the added exposure and sleek design provided by Dylan and the team have paid off tenfold, professional through and through and not satisfied with anything less than the best service. Grade 'A' customer service!

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Design and Development of Business Infrastructure and Systems

Where there’s a will – there’s a way.

A lot of the time we hear people going “if only we could…” or “I wish it could just be as simple as…” – but it can be! You can do literally almost anything with computers these days if you know how.

If you have a project or idea, we can build it. Whether it be to automate functions, increase efficiency, increase productivity, track stock, set up dropshipping networks, build customer portals, membership sites – anything!

We have the skills and expertise to see your idea come to life.

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