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The Explosive Group

The Explosive Group is a global innovation agency. We work to develop products and services that challange the underlying assumptions of todays society, and help people build a better, brighter future for themselves


It all Begins with helping people - Making their lives just that little easier

Every project starts the same way - we ask ourselves 'How can we help people?'. From there, the possibilities are endless. Be it through simple utilities that help musicians write music, or the automation of wealth creation - we genuinely strive to help make everyones life happier, easier and better

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Challange Assumptions

We believe that time is no evidence of superiority. Just because an established system has been around for 50 years, does not mean it is the best solution. We must constantly strive to innovate, create new possibilities - challange the assumptions. Be it in programming languages or green power sources, there is always a better, more effective solution.


There's Always a Solution

Written on our wall in big capital letters, our motto rings true: No matter how big the problem, nor how insurmountable it may seem. No matter how long it's taken you, how many are against you and how many sleepless nights you've seen - there's always a solution. We never give up - And this is why we win.

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Global scale

We help power 1,000 + businesses across nearly every industry. Headquartered in Melbourne, The Explosive Group operates globally to help transform the way the modern world is built and run

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